Food in Philippines

The Philippines has the world's most delicious and alluring cuisines. The food has its own special tastes and flavors. People are not surprised to find great variety in the cooking styles of the Filipinos.

The food served here is a unique blend of western and eastern cuisines. Filipino Food is very much influenced by the American culture as well. The increasing rate of fast food chains here is incredible. The Chinese noodles, called Mami, are the most savored dish. Rice is served with almost all meals, as it is their staple food. To the Filipinos, simple cooking basically means fish and its varieties, fetched directly from the sea. At times fresh seafood is served with exotic sauces and spices. The Filipinos also eat uncooked seafood that is stuffed with onions and wrapped in a banana leaf. The food of the Philippines was originally bland and mild before it was influenced by the other cuisines. People, who have sensitive taste buds and are ready to experiment with different cuisines, can try the dishes cooked by the Philippines. Filipino dishes very frequently include coconut, and, hence, meat, and other vegetables are cooked using coconut milk. For more information you can email us at or call us at +63.46.437.60.55 or +63.46.437.85.01

Catering Popular Dish in Philippines

Lechon is a dish popularity found on the country where it's founded, the Philippines. Philippines is among of the Asian countries that holds some of the most delectable collections of dishes unique to its country, and lechon is one of them. Lechon is the Spanish word for suckling pig. In the Philippines, it connotes a whole roasted pig, litsong baboy. Chicken and beef are also popular. Visit any In Lechon Philippine site to learn more of about the lechon.
The popularity of Lechon in the Philippines had been proven because of a festivity in the province of Batangas in Balayan that is centered mainly on Lechons. The Parada ng Lechon is a festival held in the province of Balayan Batangas is centered on displaying whole roasted pigs or Lechon sporting different kinds of costumes such as a wearing a policeman's suit, barong, superman costume, and many more. Send lechon as gift with any In Lechon Philippine site.
The lechon is usually the highlight and the most popular dish of these events. See what any In Lechon Philippine site can offer on lechon. The pig had always been the center of communal feasts in pre-Hispanic Philippines, and "lechon" is the normal manner it is prepared. The most popular restaurants specializing in lechon in Manila, the Philippines' capital, are Lydia's Lechon and Mila's Lechon. But nothing compares to lechon from Cebu. Some ManileƱos even order Lechon from Cebu days before their event and have the Lechon shipped via ship.
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